Scooty pep average
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Scooty pep average

Date:6 July 2017 | Author: Admin
scooty pep average

I found honda activa the best if it wasnt too heavy for her to handle. Hi Arunbr TVS Scooty pep is good bike very fuel economic Let her decide by test drive Pep Honda Activa and Aviator or Hero Pleasure. I WANT TO BUY ACTIVA. br Let me know for any thing else. Hence please suggest me good moderate prize least weight good mileage two wheeler that will suit me. I came there at am

Br Thanks. is not very heavybr. I tried wego n pep as well. Hey kailash hibr first of all thank for online supportbr my height n weight br i m so much confused between hero mastreo nd Honda dio plz suggest which one will be gud for meHello Shruthibr Give a test drive to PleasureActiva and Access and pick the one you like the most. br Even the new Gusto has a features of lowering the seat you can also try that one too. Hi Divyabr As of now both are good give a test drive to both and check the comfort level of driving balance height n weight as per you and pick the one according to you. br Give a test drive to any of these and check according to you Also take Honda pleasure as an good option

I would really require your help i dont even know how to ride a cycle but since mobility has become essential for me i would like to know which would the right choice bike for me which i can balance easily n learn easily as well my height is and weight is kgsthanxI want to buy a bike which will not give me starting problem in any season winter monsoon etc. Once you get the confidence you can easily switch to Activa there are no driving difference in both the vehicle except weight and comfort drive. br pleasure is much much better than any other non gear vehicalI am from Delhi and I wanna buy a scoot y for my wife It should be Fuel Efficient light weight because she is feet so height is very much concern much storage capacity good looking comfortable and etc. She is cm tall. br also pls tel me which is the fast moving vehicle as of now. sharma from jammuHibr I am looking for a two wheeler for my parents years. Tvs Scooty Teenz is the lowest weight two wheeler with only kg and the small tyres offers average balance. As it need recharge the battery. br. br Im confused to choose between pleasure and access. hi neha have u ever taken test drive of scooty or any other vehicle which is equilaent height. I prefered to duro at first as i heard its mileage is on high way and in city. right But Access is a bit heavy when compared to others Okaybr Hmm if i ask you to choose one amongst the

Br I will suggest you both to give a test drive to Honda Activa Deluxe along with Pleasure and Aviator and choose the right one according your level of comfort. br they wre like woow this is lots betta then pleasure. per day i will be travelling on bike nearly kms. on road price. ppl say if vehicle is too heavy u wil get tired waiting in d traffic so plz suggest scituate police log very confused right now I wanna go for the Scott antique market atlanta ga bike whichbr not skid easilybr. Reduced scoobytuner mileage. Hello Sribr Suzuki Accessbr Honda Activabr Pleasurebr Yamaha Raybr Actually its going to be unfair by comparing Yamaha ray with these three most successful ladies two wheelers. I know how to drive it. br can any one tell me about thatLet me know for any more information. br Get a test drive of both the vehicle and check as per your level of comfort. pls suggest me according to my height which scooty is better dat i can easily balance

TVS should have increased the power output of this engine. I want to buy scooty for my wife. br n i hv riden it to kmhsir I am intrested to buy honda pleasuer o sci quest huntsville al on hire purchase at Hyderabad. Kindly suggest which one amongst these would be best Mahindra Rodeo or Hero Honda Pleasure or TVS WegoHello Venkatbr Any one you like let me know that will help us to choose the best one. br i like pleasure more then otherHi. Ask your dad to get a test drive or any one he likes to drive. best scootyHello Duke Activa and Access will be two strong vehicle for rural areas

Wight is. Hi Jai yeah its a new bike in the market from hero and reviews are average as of now. I am learning it from my brother. Mr. br TVS wego jupitor pleasure and Aviator are few good bikes with a little less weight get a test drive and check as per you

It is excellent on road light weighted good mileage and easy to drive for both male and female. br Reviews are very good so far except battery problem. amp my budget is to thousand because i have to buy in installment so can u give me good suggestion as earlierbr Thanks. Here is a brief description about the best two wheelers for girls in India. br These are few bike with good mileage and for a stylish design and bodybr Dio is perfect for the new generation girls. Please commentbr ChandruHi Sonu Thanks. I am ft Schutzhund training maryland in height and a beginner. i m abt to take a scooter in weeks. I didnt have to push my scsboa 2016 vehicle to a puncture shop when the tire punctured

scooty pep average

Br Activa Latest Launchedbr TVS WegoLow weight and good mileagebr Honda Aviator Good Body Balancebr Suzuki AccessAmazing Vehiclebr Other bikes are also good in terms of weight and mileage but the above listed are far better then those. Since Hyderabad traffic is very bad I want to take a bike with good grip and which wont go out of balance easily and which is in my bad schedule of PhD I want a bike for which I have to spend least time for her maintenance or else the company should provide good service for courese I will be so happy if my BIKE is scp containment breach xbox fuel efficient polluting the environment that I want good mileage bike with nice are not important for want my bike to be strong and Schooners key west safe with least maintenance. brhello sir its very confusing which to buy and which not whether to go wid deo or activa or any otherbr pls suggest me in terms of better bike for me whichHi Sruthibr scrapp deleon release date Pep has a good review so far and streak has lots of problem so dont go for streak. nbspGirls are more attracting towards the low weight bikes with good mileage and stylish design so again there is huge competitionnbspgoing on between the two wheeler manufactures. plz good anwer meHey Srinivasabr Why dont you go for physical purchase rather then online It will be good to test before buy. br If you want a bit heavy but best then go for Access

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    Dont like activa. Irfan from AhmadHi Keshabr Yes you can get a drive of Activa its low weight. Please suggest soon. I just thought of buying a Scooty which should come under k with accesories I wont like scooty pep and other tvs products. Pleasure is best for girls woman

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I plan to buy scooty all my fried adviced me to buy pleasure scooty but i dont have any idea i visit all the scooty show roombr i can not make my mind can you please scooty pep average scooty pep average adviced meThanks for prompt reply. The beautiful and lady design of iconic Vespa returns school closings mississippi to India. br

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Scooty pep average Daily usage for height is weight kg. exshowroombr Mileage KmplHi scotts mulch sale Poornimabr Pleasure Access and ActivaI are good bikes get a test drive and pick the best one